Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Beyond Thinky

I keep hearing that we have a big storm coming. Thunder and lightening, rain, but it never really lets loose. It did get a little sprinkly when I was out on the playground with the kids yesterday (I subbed at lunch), but ..........pfht.... nothing much. Maybe this weekend - I'd love a lot of rain.

I had so much fun with the kids yesterday. I got a bunch of hugs - especially from Sabrina and Reece. We rescued a teeny-tiny grasshopper. We were heroes.

The 6th graders are graduating today. Very exciting. When I first started working at the school, they were in the 3rd grade and so naughty - big with the food-throwing, the back talk, thought it was funny to have a time out in the blue chairs. I can remember thinking that I wasn't sure that I wanted to handle them as 6th graders, but honestly, they were great this year. (It was those mean 5th grade girls who got to me). They always were a charming bunch of boys, even when naughty, and the girls just followed the boys around - probably found the boys charming, as well.
My kids have two more days of school left. They are all sick. Greg is going to school today and I'm pretty sure that Sarah is...........Okay, had to go check on Sarah. She'd gone back to sleep. Silly girl. She sounds not good, very congested, but she has to go to school because there's an, "...assembly, cool cat store, gameboy ..." I think she meant "game day," not "gameboy." Cool cat store is when they take all the points (cash?) they have earned all school year and buy some cool stuff. How fun does that sound? I bet she will pick some sort of ring or bracelet. The girl loves her bracelets. And Friday, she's off to Girl Scout camp - the June Jamboree.
I am going to look for another job. I'm not getting rid of any of the others, just looking some something additional. I'm a certified massage therapist and I do nothing with that. That's where I'm going to look, for something in massage. I've thought about that it for awhile, but that's it, just thought about it....... Okay, I have no idea what I am going to do, or more accurately, I have some ideas, but the point is this - I feel like I need more wiggle room in my budget. I need to get active, not just thinky.

Okay, time to get busy. Sarah needs a ride and I need a Diet Coke. Happy day to you!

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