Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michelle Projects

It's late or maybe it's early......but I haven't written for a few days and I'm trying to get back on track.

See the plant below? I just about killed it. I've had it for years, ever since it was housed in a little 4 inch pot. These days it's almost 4 ft tall and it's overgrown the pot it lives in. The roots have filed through the bottom of the pot and into the ground. I noticed it was looking droopy, so I watered it again. Still drooped.

Finally, I noticed that the droopiness was from over-watering. I punched some holes in the plastic pot and some really stinky water drained out. Mom looked at it with me and said that I needed to cut it back. I plan to dig it out of the ground, but for now it's cut back and no longer resembles the photo below. Instead, it looks like pot full of sticks.

I was talking to my boyfriend about my blogs. He said that he spent an hour and a half clicking "back" over at Relationships, on Blisstree. He told me that he read some, too, and that he liked them. The reason he did it, the back-clicking, was to find a post that someone was leaving comments on. It's a long story and one that I no longer want to spend any time on - it was negativity and I'm not going to worry about it any longer - but I did appreciate that Mark went looking for it.

When I first started talking to him he told me that he made a list or notes on me. Sometimes he will say, I have some things I want to talk to you about and there's another list - this time topics that he wants to cover or questions that he wants answers to. I like that he takes the time to take care of these Michelle Projects.

I am really tired and I need to get to bed now. I wish you a wonderful day/night.


Homemom3 said...

That is so sweet that he has a Michelle list and that he went looking for the posts. My husband has a list of some of the blogs I write just so he can read them. I think it helps a relationship more because you can say things you might not know the words for, plus it helps the other get to know more about you. Don't forget today is Wordless Wednesday!

Askew To You said...

I totally forgot to get Wordless!!! Dang it.

He can be very sweet. Sassy, too. But sometimes I like that side, as well. ;D