Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Hanging With the Diggles

Here are some Ruby Tuesday shots from my trip. There are glimpses of red, not super bold-splashes. I hope that is okay. I just wanted to take part, since I have not in so long.

Below see Sarah shooting baskets with red on her hat, shoes, and hoop. Check out her hands. She has worked hard with her coach learning how to shoot properly. I love the way the one hand is sort of floating and any second that bowl is going to go "swish."

Greg in far background, Casey blurring by, Chance resting on couch, and my brother-in-law Matt, giving me a look. Red candle and clock on the table beyond Matt. Sorry this one was pushing it, but I love the action here and my bil's look.
Check out Trin's shades! Her new room is so pretty with big windows and a window seat. This was inside, no lights on, no flash, (that I remember) just pretty light from the windows.

The Little Mermain hanging with the gang. It looks like the Cabbage Patch dolls is singing. Also Trin's room.

Trinity and Sarah in the game room. Sarah asked for fruit and it makes me happy when my kids request healthy snacks. I'm not sure if you can see it, but the dot on Trin's nose is a rhinestone sticker. Her "nose earring."

Boy, I miss those guys!!
If you'd like to see more Ruby Tuesday photos or if you'd like to jump into the fun yourself, you can find it here at Work Of the Poet.


laura said...

Fun post. I like family photos too.

Askew To You said...

They are the very best kind. :D

Amber Star said...

I loved the picture of your daughter shooting the basketball. There is such grace in her hand.

I couldn't figure out which was your bil, but if he is that little boy he is adorable. :)

Dianne said...

I enjoy little bits of red, these are great plus they're family and that's always the best

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of your daughter shooting the basket..Long story, but my daughter was really ill in her early teens and it was a long recovery and part of her physical therapy was to shoot baskets. When she was finally strong enough to make one..we cried...Kids...they drive us crazy..but we love them so..Michelle

Askew To You said...

My "bil" is my brother-in-law. I got lazy with the typing. He is the handsome man giving me The Look. The basketball photo - I love watching that kid, or any of the girls, with the ball. They are so bold and bigger than life. It's wonderful.

Michelle, I had an experience like that with Max once. We put him on a physical therapy bike, a 3 wheeler, and we helped him pedal. It was one of the more thrilling moments in my life. I will treasure it forever.

I hope that your daughter is well now. It's very hard to watch our children struggle.