Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Happy Family

I finally put my first Girl Looks Swell post up. Just a quick intro, but I'll be back soon with more beauty information. Right now, Bay and I are using Mannatech skin care products and I want to be able to share both of our points of view. Hopefully I'll get her intro up there today, as well.

I'm going to be hosting a Wear Red event tomorrow for Heart Truth. If you'd like to take part, it's posted at my Veggie Chic blog. If you wear red tomorrow, please take your photo, then post it on your blog or your flickr account and then go back to Veggie Chic and leave a link in the comment section. I really, really hope that I'm not the only one who does it.

I wrote about Valentine's Day for Dating Dames today. I had a boyfriend for Valentine's Day last year. I was pretty happy on that day. This year, no boyfriend, of course no official ex-boyfriend either, since I still haven't spoken with him, but that's no longer of much importance. What I'm focusing on now - a happy family. We are happy!!! I'm pretty darn giddy about it.

I mentioned that to Bay a few minutes ago. She wants to give the whole of the credit to Greg and while I do think he has brought a lot of it on, I know that much of it is Bay. She's made great strides lately. She's been honest about some of what's going on with her and shedding some light on it, getting out from under the oppressive weight of secrets and lies, well, it's pretty darn liberating.

We rejoined the health club last night. Greg, Bay, and I all ran last night, but in the park, not at the gym. Greg went with his buddy - I went with Bay, but she had an asthma attack. I ran back to the car and when I drove up to get her, there was Greg. I told Sarah that it was like his Bailey radar was on high alert and he was drawn to the spot were she sat waiting. Out of all the places he could have run, well, the coincidence of it, finding her about 2 miles from our house, pretty interesting.

I have to get to work now. It's going to be a rainy day recess. Wish me luck, please!

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