Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures of Self

I picked up a new helmet for Sarah today. I told her that since she was getting the helmet, she was going to have to take a ride with me. She was outraged at first, but eventually she followed me outside. She made it around (3/10 of a mile each lap) 4 times to my 10. She kept stopping to pull up her pants or adjust her belt. I planned ahead. I wore a big t-shirt that used to belong to my brother-in-law Matt, so I was covered.

I get so goal-oriented when I ride or walk or run. I have to have something to work toward. I had already worked out earlier, so I thought, hmm, 3 miles is fine. Nice and short. I can ride it in my flip flops. (Yes, I was wearing flip flops. It was so warm out there).

Another thing that I thought about while on my bike - it's my favorite thinking spot - I watch a lot of TV, but not too much TV. I spend plenty of time on other pursuits, so if I have a conversation like the following exchange, I won't freak:

Bailey: Mom, what day is it?
Me: Well, Tony Dinozzo was on last night, so it's Wednesday.

My first thought was that I should not tell the days of the week by my TV boyfriends, but whatever. It's harmless. At least I knew what day it was.

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Homemom3 said...

I love getting goal oriented, lately I've been meaning to do it but haven't. Today is the day to do it. I love this picture for you, you know when you posted it on facebook I thought you were wearing a blue shirt in it. It's something about the reflection. I like this. Yes, you are really long in the legs too. I have long legs too, granted lately I feel short as SoccerBoy is getting taller.