Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday and An Update

I'm craving one of these right now. A black tea/frozen peach smoothie type drink with mint. I have to take Bay to school in a few minutes, then I'm going by the Farmer's Market (smaller version on Wednesdays), so I might swing by and pick one up. I need to figure out how to reproduce them at home. Hhmm, it would be research, after all......... I haven't updated in awhile. I used to update everyday before blogging became my job. I will try to be more regular with the updates. My life is just not that exciting and for awhile it was very sad. I don't want to be a downer for anybody.

While I was gone, I had a birthday. Here's a picture of my lovely mom at the Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant at my birthday lunch. We go there and sit on the patio every year. And every year we say, "This was the best one yet." This year was the best for beer - we tried a couple of new ones and I have new favorite - but the year before was the best for the food. That year we split a smoked salmon salad and a smoked salmon pasta dish. Oh my. Heaven.

The kids are all back in school. I wanted to go back, but instead I'm teaching myself. I want to get a degree or even some sort of Photography certificate (my jc offers one), but the classes are all full and there is the expense. I don't have to have it to do my work, so I'm teaching myself. I looked up the books the teachers are using and I ordered them used - total was around $25 for 3 books.
I got the first book and it's in pretty good shape. It's Art History. Have you ever noticed how Van Gogh's paintings look like they pulsate? Do you think that is how the world appeared to him? Even the air was active and moving?
Time to get busy. One last thing..... I'm doing a giveway at Splendicity fragrance. If you'd be interested in winning a Anne of Green Gables bag and fragrance, then please click here.

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