Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lucky Duck

I had a super-lucky day today. It started with a work break due to a planned power outage. I took off for a hike and felt absolutely justified because I couldn't work anyway. Actually, I did a lot of thinking on my hike and I realized that I need to get out of my house more. Seeing more of the world will make me a better writer. There are only some many ideas I can come up with in my living room, at my couch/office.

Okay, on to my day......... I saw this tree and it reminded me of how I feel sometimes. It's all sharp and prickly and old. And it sort of looks like it's fighting with itself. Do you see that?

When I got back from my hike, I found a big box on the patio. I opened it up and it was from the Axe people. They sent me a fluffy black robe, some body wash, a cool basket that Kitty has been sleeping in, and this "mixed tape." Unfortunately, I have no way to listen to the tape. Dang. Going to work on that tomorrow.

The note from Axe mentioned flowers, but there were no flowers. Later, I got a knock on the door and the flowers arrived. A whole bunch of them; red, peach, yellow, and white. They came with a vase and they look lovely. I think that Axe may have a crush on me. ;D

This morning, I peeked online before the power outage and I had a message saying that yes, I was the Michelle who won the Asics hat from Fleet Feet Chico. They've been doing drawings and trying to add to their list of fans at Facebook. I love Fleet Feet, even before I won the hat. If you ever need running shoes, go see them. They will watch your gait and your stride and set you up with your perfect shoes. Mine, coincidently, are Asics. I've tried three different models and all three were and are wonderful. I hiked in an old pair today and ran in a new pair last night.

Do I sound like a Fleet Feet/Asics commercial? Probably. They are both great companies.

Here's a last view of the park. Looking to the South-ish. There's the ridge and below that is the creek. The golden part levels down and forms the north side of the valley. I love the park.


Dianne said...

this is such an uplifting post!!

Askew To You said...

Thank you, Dianne. :) My mom wrote something to go with the tree photo. I'm going to ask her if I can post it here. I think you might like it.