Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday In the Park.... Soon

I woke up to Kitty wanting a lot of my attention this morning. She kept cuddling with me, which is really very unlike her. I would pet her, then fall back to sleep. I got a "beep" good morning text from Mark and decided that it was time to be so lazy, it was time to get the day moving forward.

So, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on some shorts and drove over to the Farmer's Market. It was packed, because of the hour and the first time I went by the tamale stand, the line was 20 people deep. Seriously.

I got myself one of these teas today and I'm going to work on a recipe for Food and Nutrition. It's a smoothie with mint, black tea, peaches. Very good. I'm wondering about a simple syrup with mint and then freezing it, that way it's the thick part of the smoothie. And maybe freezing the peaches, as well. Make the tea very strong. I'll let you know when I've got it perfected.
I picked up some of these green beans to snack on, although I might make a cooked bean dish. Who knows. I've got all day to decide. Maybe something with bacon.......
Check out these nectarines. I love the ugly-beauty of the Farmer's Market produce. Sixteen years ago, that's where I saw my very first double and triple kiwis. They looked nuts. They tasted wonderful.

A few peaches. Not many. They were hard, but the farmer assured the crowd that they would be soft by tomorrow morning. We shall see. Peaches are really something I wish I could grow myself. They can be tricky, but a truly ripe, juicy peach - there is nothing better. Nothing.

Tomatoes! Okay, I didn't need to buy these, I have plenty of my own right now, but they are orange and I was in the mood for orange tomatoes.

I have to take off now. Mom is coming to sit with Buddy so that I can take the girls to the creek. We are celebrating the last few days of vacation. School starts on Wednesday. I love vacation, but this Summer has been a challenge. It will be nice to get back to some sort of schedule, although I do not look forward to waking to an alarm again.
Happy Saturday to you!

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down pillow said...

Mmm, you just made me crave my Mom's green beans so desperately! Always cooked with bacon! Yummmmmm