Friday, August 28, 2009

Unrelated Thoughts

I got a shipment of EO products today. The box was heeaaavvy. I love my job. I haven't bought any body wash for months. Max got to try the stuff out first. He took a vanilla/lavender bubble bath and washed up with Citrus body wash. I think he felt very refreshed. They make this shave cream that works really well. They have great fragrance combos like grapefruit mint and their chocolate really smells like chocolate.

I wrote this piece up today about ingredients to avoid. Parabens. Synthetic Colors. Phthlates (hard to spell). There's so many possible carcinogens out there. It's scary. If I think about it too much, it makes me scared to breathe. EO products are natural. No scary stuff.

Sarah said that she had trouble sleeping last night. Apparently Max had funny dreams and spent part of the night laughing in his sleep. I am so sorry that I missed it. He has the very best laugh ever. It goes a bit like this..... uh HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH, Huuuuhhh. Trust me, it's a good one.

I liked having him home all week. It's important that he goes to school, but having him close, where I can see him and control his environment, I feel that he's safest that way. Right now he's going, "Ohhh.........uuhhhh." I think he's playing with his voice. He is so adorable. I talked to the bus driver about the increase in his allergies since returning to school. She said that one of the other moms said the same thing. It's an old building.

Bay has a new boyfriend, but she's staying home with us tonight. She went to bed at about 6 pm yesterday. She was still sleepy when I woke her at 7am. Could she be going through a growth spurt? She's 17 now. I can't remember how old I was when I quit growing.

Her friend called me from work today and said, "Hello, Michelle, this is _____ qui qui...." I have no idea how to pronounce the first part and I'm totally guessing on the second. I said, "Huh? What? Could you repeat that? " and they repeated it again and maybe if I hadn't spent 3 years working in a school cafeteria I'd have had some idea what they were saying.

At one point, I heard, "Can I sing you a song?" and I said, "No. I'm busy. Bye." I assumed Bay had something to do with it. I was not wrong. When I picked her up, her friend wanted to sing me the song.

She told me that there were a couple of fights at her school today. One involved students and a boy was stabbed with a pencil. The other involved some men who just happened to be walking down the street. They fought in the parking lot. I'd really, really like to get her out of that school.

Just reread this. What a bunch of unrelated thoughts.

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Homemom3 said...

oh man that would be frightening to hear (fights) and I'd want her out of there too. Has this changed her thoughts on her teacher? I know before you stated she was very excited about it but I know how kids will change after that first week and with fights too. Hope things start changing. I know what you mean about controlling the environment and allergies. With my kids it seems to be colds, they get them whenever they go back to school, which means I get them and Little A does too. Not sure on Bay, can't remember that age. How early does she get up to go to school? You know mine leaves before 630am.