Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Building Me A Love Altar

I had an interesting horoscope today. So interesting - to me - that I wrote about - me!! - at Dating Dames. Anywhere, here it is:

Happy Holy Daze, Leo!
If I could give you one gift for the holidays, it might be a magic object
to add to your love altar -- something like a pomegranate resting on red velvet,
or a golden heart-shaped magnet, or Pablo Neruda's book 100 Love Sonnets. What?
You don't have a love altar? Well then please begin creating one as soon as
possible, and continue building it throughout 2009. For the next 12 months, the
time will be right to get smarter, wilder, and kinder in your approach to
creating intimate connection.

I like it. I think I'm going to build that Love Altar. What can it hurt? I'll make it pretty.

My daughter has a tattoo. Seriously. I had no idea. Last night she raised her arm, her shirt slipped up and I said, "What is that?!" and it was a tattoo that her friend Mia gave her with her very own tattoo-making-whatever-you-call-it, because doesn't every freshman in high school need their very own tattoo -making -thingy??

I was upset, but what can I do? It's there. It's permanent. It's a tattoo.

It's messy, too. And big. The bottom is all smudgy. So, now it needs to be fixed. Why couldn't she wait one and a half years, when she will be 18, so that she could get it done by someone who was not 14 years old? I didn't punish her because I know that she has to look at it and go, "what was I thinking??"

She exhausts me.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 2008. I'm looking forward to the break, but I'm going to miss the kids. Sleeping in a bit, now that's going to be good. I do love sleep.


{i}Post said...

We don't get off until next Tuesday! My son is exhausting right now...but not because of tattoos. *sigh*

Askew To You said...

They all wear a mom out in some way, but, they are cute, so we hang in there. ;D

ramblingwoods said...

A love alter..interesting idea. My daughter wanted a belly ring. I am so glad that they didn't have 'to it yourself belly rings"...

Dianne said...

do it yourself PERMANENT tattoos!!

I would kill the guy who sold the kit ;)

MyMaracas said...

Oh lordy, a homemade tatoo? Hang in there, Mom.

I just had to click that link when I saw your title. Love Altar? I've never heard of such a thing, but it's worth giving some thought.

Homemom3 said...

I like the idea of a love alter, go for it. On her having a tattoo, EEEK! I don't know what I would've done but I agree. My husband has a few tattoos, one is a letter he says was the first letter of some girl he barely remembers, another is a tattoo of a rose with a girl's name. I had him get it removed when we got together, terrible pain to get half of it removed. We've told all the kids when they get a certain age (18) we'll take them down to get their first one, but only their first one, if they get one before we wont' do it. Hopefully this will get them to wait.