Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After Christmas

I have to make this very fast, because Sarah and I heading to bed.

My brother's family came for a visit today. It was the best day after Christmas that I've ever spent. Here's a shot of the kids playing with some moon sand. I got Brad Jr a set that includes this little plastic truck.
Hayden was in constant motion, until he fell asleep on his mom's lap. He's got the blur-thing going here.

Here's the whole family. Brad Jr by the front door, Ashlee leaning over talking to Dad, mom Shawna, and baby Hayden. And my feet. Can you see them? Pretty silly looking.

Here's a close-up of Hayden. He is such a handsome little guy. I couldn't use the flash - it made him cry, so it was hard to see if these shots were in focus. As you can tell, they really weren't, but my family is beautiful in spite of my faulty photography.

I hope you enjoyed your day, as well. Thank you for reading. :D


ramblingwoods said...

Awww...cute baby. I'm glad that your day after was a good one and thank you for sharing the photos...Now we off to a new year...

{i}Post said...

You are right! Your family is beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Askew To You said...

I'm so ready for a new year!!!!

And thank you - I think they are pretty darn cute.