Sunday, October 12, 2008

Times Flies

This is a photo of my nephew, Casey, running with the ball. I think my sister took it. I then took it from her MySpace. I look at him here and I can't believe how much he's grown. He was always such a slim little guy and now he looks just...........well, he looks big.
When did that happen? Slow down, please. Well, maybe after the game, after you put that ball down, then slow down. Next thing I know, he's going to be Bailey's age.
Yesterday, Jackie came down for a visit with her family. She has two boys - Wyatt and Emitt - and a daughter - Brianna - who is in her freshman year of college. (I hope that I spelled everyone's name correctly). Emitt, he looks a lot like Casey. I noticed that Sarah got familiar with him very quickly. She kept grabbing him, carrying him around. It was funny, but also sort of embarrassing. I reminded her, "Sarah, you just met him. You've got to respect his personal space." She shrugged her shoulders and went right back to grabbing him. He was extremely patient with her.
I kept wondering what happened, why was she so comfortable with him?? Then, it hit me - he was being her Casey. She and Casey are good buddies, running around doing all kinds of crazy things together and Emitt looked like Casey, so she felt a bond with him. Plus he's a nice kid. It's not just that he looks like Casey, but I have a feeling that was the first step.
Oh, here's something funny that happened about two minutes ago ........James, from Sarah's class was out front with Alana, when Alana came to the door to fetch Sarah. She was embarrassed for him to see her in her pjs. When did James become a boy and not just James?
These kids, they are growing up too fast for me.


Homemom3 said...

Wow he's growing up so fast. :(

Askew To You said...

They do that, don't they. sigh