Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have done my best to not think a lit this weekend. I'm worried about a lot of things right now and worrying about them is not going to change a thing. None of them is life-threatening, anyway. It's all money, boyfriend (or maybe I don't have a boyfriend, at this point I do not know), Bailey stuff, and..........well that's enough.

I made some teriyaki sauce today. I'm using it for dinner tonight, but I've got a lot of other ideas for it - chicken marinade, sauce for veggies and rice, salad dressing, etc. If you'd like to see the recipe, I've got it here . I put a recipe up there for a quick cream of brocoli soup, as well. I made it for lunch yesterday for the girls and I. Quick. Easy. Yummy.

My friend, Leah, came by for a visit today and she brought us a bag of Jelly Belly Belly Flops . Belly flops are jelly beans that are oddly shaped - like doubles or triples. They sort of look like jelly bean dribbles, really. They taste great and I'm a fan of oddball anything.
I'm not very new-sy today. I need to go pay bills online, but really I'd rather start a new book. I have the latest Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon novel in my room.
Oh, here's something else......... I wrote this on Friday, Would You Date This Man? When I was posting a link to one of my articles at Pretty Social , I found this blog entry wherein a woman wanted to find someone to date her male friend. The friend felt that there was no way to find "love" on the internet and she wanted to prove him wrong. The entry had very few comments and the comments that were there, they didn't say much about wanting to meet the guy, which I found very surprising - he's very cute.
So, I wrote about at Dating Dames, wanted to see if I could help increase the comments. Nope, still very few. Very odd. So, if you know a nice lady, in her 20s, who would be interested in meeting a handsome man who likes to travel, check out the link in the article. I'm afraid this guy is proving his friend right - it just might be impossible to find love on the internet.
Time to start marinating my salmon. I hope you enjoy your day/evening.


Heather said...

Yeah, I am risk-averse. I would need a lot more info about that guy before I'd think about dating him.

And I'm sorry that you have so much to worry about right now.

Askew To You said...

Everybody has worries right now. I feel embarrassed after I out mine like that. :(

{i}Post said...

I LOVE the bellyflop jelly beans! Too funny. Can I have some? ;0)

Askew To You said...

Sure, I like to share. :D

SarahHub said...

Oh, I am a big worry-er. When I don't want to think anymore, I re-decorate a room of my house in my mind. Maybe that would help? And eat a big handful of those jelly beans while you're at it!

Homemom3 said...

oh I love the funky jelly bean. (((HUGS))) you sound really stressed.

Askew To You said...

Sarah, I've been thinking about redoing my room. That's a good idea. Thank you for mentioning it.

That big bag of beans is going down pretty fast.