Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Through the Day

This little beauty is one of my friends from school. She is showing off her school carnival tattoo here. :D

Every day, when she finishes lunch and heads into the go-to-recess line, she stops by and gives me a hug. Sometimes, when I'm walking around the playground, she will come up behind me and slip her hand into mine. This child is so sweet, so loving. She is a joy to be around.

Last Spring, I posted a picture of one of her brothers - she has two at our school. I don't get a chance to visit with him much this year. He's got a lot of friends and he's busy. I like to see that.

One of my co-workers didn't show up for work today. Our principal had to do her job. I'm hoping that by doing what Tammy has to do every day, she will have more respect for what Tammy accomplishes. Tammy is not always treated with a lot of respect. This evening, I was going through my messages and I found one from Tammy. I'm not sure, but I think she must have left it today. I feel bad that I missed her - she sounded very upset. I hope that she's better this evening.

I'm so out of sorts right now. I'm worried about money. I'm worried about my relationship with my boyfriend. I'm worried about my relationship with my daughter. It's interesting, but no less distressing to me, that I have noticed that they both treat me carelessly in very much the same way. They are quick to judge each other on this bad behavior, but seem unable to recognize it in themselves. I love them both very much, but they are not always easy to love. Somtimes I feel that all I can do is to get through one day at a time, not think too much about the future beyond that.

Well, it's getting late here and I need to get something together for the kids to eat. I can't wait to climb into my bed.


{i}Post said...

I have been feeling much the same way lately...maybe it is something in the air! Hang in there! *smooch*

Askew To You said...

I wonder if it has to do with the changing seasons? I love Fall, but I feel like Summer passed so fast.

Heather said...

*hugs you*

I've been feeling rather down myself this week. I'm sorry you're out of sorts. I hope this weekend gives you a chance to relax and feel better.

Mrs. Mac said...

I got a note from Miss Terry (Canadian Blogger) to give you a visit. She's a dear blogging bud for several years now. Anyway, I too have a special needs son that is the biggest blessing and challenge to our family. I can't believe it ... but I actually stopped by for Ruby Tuesday this week at your blog ... but my computer was as slow as molasses in January so I didn't leave a comment. BTW ... my mom lives just up the road from you near Paradise ... small world. She goes to Chico every week. I'll pop back and visit again. Hugs from the North Woods.

Terry said...

Hi Mrs. Mac..I am so glad that you two have met because you are both so blessed of the Lord. He sends these special treasures [boys and girls] to the Moms that He can really trust!!!Love Terry

Askew To You said...

Wow! So many visitors - I am very excited! :D Thank you for stopping by and I will do my best to find a better state of mind this weekend.