Sunday, October 5, 2008

Carnival-y Post

I started to post this last night, but I lost my connection and gave up. I have a few of the carnival pictures ready. We were there for about an hour and in that time, the amount of people in attendance probably doubled. It's a fun even that the PTA puts on and the classes take part, setting up booths for things like a fishing game, a golf game, a lot of throw the ball, sponge, etc, at the target/hoop games.

Sarah was most excited about the sponge throwing. Her Grandma took her to the carnival back in kindergarten and they always laugh about the way she nailed Mr. Preston, the 6th grade teacher, in the face with a wet sponge. He's such a good sport. The kids all seem to love and respect him. Sarah acts like he's a rock star, there's Mr. Preston! there's Mr. Preston! One time, the day after school got out for the Summer in June, we happened to be waiting at a stoplight next to Mr. Preston. He motioned to Sarah to roll down her window and as we waited, he asked about her Summer plans. She was so thrilled. I think it's right up there with attending the Jonas Brother's concert in terms of exciting Summer events.

Here she is letting lose with the sponge.......... .......and here's Mr. Preston patiently waiting for the splat! He appears much braver than poor Spongebob.
One of the booths was a fingernail painting booth. Look at these cool 6th grade boys showing off their manicures. When I took the photo, I didn't realize that was what they were doing. Later, during editing, I noticed the colored fingernails. These boys make me smile. The one in the middle, he's The Boy this year. You can always find him in the middle of a crowd.
The kindergarten classes sold this honey. It's locally made and the labels are decorated by the students. I had some this weekend - put in in a vinaigrette, then I cleaned it off the spoon. Oh yum. I will definitely be hitting up the kindergarteners for some more. I love local honey.
Here's a sot of Sarah playing the basketball game. Her friends Carlo and Paolo are to the right. She's known Paolo for about 3 years and Carlo for 1. They are twins and they speak English, Korean, and French. This always impresses me. Paolo calls me Mrs. Smith, not Michelle - most kids call me Michelle or Miss Michelle or Playground Duty (to which I always reply, "call me Michelle"). He's one of those kids with a huge brain and incredibly good manners. I like that boy, but sometimes kids like him find it hard to fit with the rest of the group. Can you see me in this photo? I'm the shadow. :D

I'm in the beginning of what I'm afraid may turn into a spot of the blues. I'm trying very hard to avoid it, medicating with exercise, chocolate, and lots of cooking. I have some tough decisions to make about my personal life. I have tried reaching out to someone that I love many times - sometimes it works out, sometimes I'm hurt further. I'd prefer to avoid the hurt, but I can only control my behavior, not his. Sometimes people don't want to allow themselves to be happy and possibly that is what is going on and by trying to spare me that, I'm actually drawn further into the dark.

I try to live my life in a way that I can be proud of - sometimes I achieve that, sometimes I fail, but it's my intention always. I don't want to hold onto past hurts, or punish anyone. I want to keep an open mind and make decisions that will benefit all of us, not just myself. I keep thinking that this is The Right Way and if I do things The Right Way, my life will work out, that if I put good stuff out there, I will get good stuff back, which will then make me able to put even more good stuff out there........does this make sense?

I'm being petty with some of what is bothering me. I should just take care of my business and let things play out, but in all honesty I'm pissed right now. I've made what I need very clear and I've asked to be treated with respect and caring. That's what I have treated this person with and I should not have to talk someone into treating me well in the first place.

For now, I'm going to continue to do my work. I'm going to spend this week getting a photography business up and running. I have a photo that is going to be one of the prizes over at b5Media's Blogtoberfest. I'll post a link to it, when it's ready. We are also going to be hosting some prizes at Dating Dames. We start tomorrow, I think. I'll let you know.

Lastly, I have a bread recipe up over at A Cook's Bounty, if you are interested. It has a shortcut - begins in the bread machine, but then you bake it in the oven. Turned out pretty good.


Homemom3 said...

that honey looks yummy, bella and I eat a bagel with honey drizzled on it every morning. Yummy.

Askew To You said...

I love honey. I use it in all kinds of things, but I really love it on Cheerios. It makes them stick together.