Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How You Like 'dem Apples?

Apples. The only photo I took today. I needed it for work.
I took a hike this morning, then went by the Salvation Army store to see what they had. I'm looking for something to hang my necklaces on and I wanted to find a white men's dress shirt. No white shirt, but I found a couple of others. Plus a light brown jacket and a navy blazer.
I've been reading a lot of style blogs lately and the ladies purchase good quality basic pieces and mix them in with newer pieces. I'm pretty excited about my finds -I got 5 items for under $15. The other thing I picked up was a slip. I'm going to use it as a slip or nightgown. Very pretty.
While I was on my hike I spent a lot of time trying to think of what I want to do in terms of my photography business. I'd really like to take a variety of photos - families, babies, wedding (someday), and I think it would be fun to do pin-up style photos. Mom and I talked about this before.
I talked to Bay and she agreed to let me fix her hair and makeup in a pin-up style for photos. I think it will be fun. I'm going to see if I can talk my girlfriends into this, too.
I've got to get off line now. My back is really bothering me. That's why I've been hiking and walking instead of running. I just can't run. I'm trying to yoga my way out of it.


Heidi said...

I love your apple shot, it is wonderful! I also have back problems and the only thing that I have found that really helps is regular visits to the chiropractor. I just wanted to stop back by and tell you that you are the lucky winner of my blog question. You guessed my bug, it was a box elder beetle. Thanks for stopping by my ruby tuesday!

Askew To You said...

Oh thanks for letting me know. We used to live in a place with a lovely Elder tree, but the darn bugs drove me nuts!!! Yours looked just a tiny bit different - more red, which really made a great Ruby Tuesday shot.