Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog - Funny Word

I started this blog a little over a year ago.

Blog. I'm still not comfortable with the word, even though I'm a professional blogger. It reminds me of that thing that Willow said about beer, or at least I think it was beer or maybe it was the word "drunk," something about Anglo-Saxon and guttural. The word "blogger" is Anglo-Saxon and guttural.

I'm a dork. I do not pretend to be anything else.
My teenagers are gone for the weekend. I will definitely miss Greg. I love Bay, but she and I are butting heads this week, so a break will do us good. Sarah misses Greg when he's gone, too.

Speaking of Sarah, she's supposed to be cleaning her room, but I peeked in there and everything that was a mess around the edges now sits in the middle of the room. She's like Mom in that she likes it all out where she can see it. It's just how their brains work. I prefer neat stacks or stick stuff under something or if I've got time and can make myself do it - gone. I want to see empty surfaces. It calms my brain.

My house is so cluttered right now. I clean the important areas - kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, patio (I love the patio best) - but my closet........ ewww kind of scary, my linen closets :( .

My plan for the weekend is to clear some space. If I want to be able to fit someone else in my life, he has to actually fit IN my life. He needs space for his stuff, too. I do not need so much stuff and I have to curb my packrat tendencies. My biggest problem - books. I love them all. Even the paperbacks. I look at them and I start with, have to save all the Harry Potters, even the volumes that are falling apart......then Nevada Barr, have to have her. Jenifer Crusie, well she makes me smile. Dictionaries, well I need 4 copies. They don't all have the same words. See my dilemma?

This is important to me. I can do it.

It's raining right now. We haven't had near enough rain this year. I have the windows open, a sweatshirt on, and Max has a blanket. We are good. I just want the fresh air.

Okay, I was wrong. I miss the teenagers. I hope that they have fun. Darn kids.

Sarah is leaving now, too. Just me and Max tonight. I wonder if I can get that kid to stay awake. She, Sarah, just said, "I haven't had a sleepover in forever. I'm excited!!" I am now excited for her. Sleepovers are the best part of being a girl.


momemojo said...

Oh, I love books too!!! I have boxes of them everywhere... have you read Janet Evanovich? She's my guilty pleasure! Her character Stephanie Plum cracks me up and is my alter ego! Thanks for the Spring Cleaning reminder...

Homemom3 said...

Oh I know what you mean on books. I have an entire downstairs full of them. Hubby once asked me if I'd part with a shelf or two full. haha, no way that's like cutting off my arm. I need them, they are people, I've made them real now.

But if you really are going to get rid of them you could always announce it on your blog and see if others would like them. Just a thought I know they use to do that on Momwriters and it worked and I've done it a few times believe it or not.

Congrats on your 1 year blogging.

Askew To You said...

Yes, I do read Stephanie Plum. She's funny. I love how she and her friend interact. :) My new boyfriend is a reader and I so look forward to just hanging out reading. Never had a man who was a reader before.

I've got to get some of them out. I took out about 20 in one area. I'm going to donate them to the library for their sale. So very hard to give them up. It's like a shelf full of old friends.

Thanks for the congratulations, Eliza. You got me started. :)