Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Ruby Ashlee

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Today I have my niece, Ashlee, at her birthday party. She is a little shy and had a hard time getting going with the presents. Didn't bother me, it's her day, after all. Here she sits on the lap of her pretty Mommy, Shawna.

Doesn't she have the sweetest profile? Her little nose and you can't really tell from this shot, although if you've read my blog before you might have seen another shot, her eyes have this little tilt upward at the outer corner. It's like when she was created, the creator said, oh she's cute, but if we tweak this (little nose) and we tweak that (up-tilted eyes), she will be truly stunning. And so she is!

After the party, she came over to our place and spent the night. She's a fun sleepover guest. She always leaves me beautiful works of art.

If you'd like to take part in Ruby Tuesday, then please click here.


maryt/theteach said...

Ashlee, is just lovely and a perfect subject for Ruby Tuesday! Thanks very much for participating! :)

Homemom3 said...

what lovely pictures, but I absolutely love that first one. Something about it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday..she is a beautiful child...