Monday, March 16, 2009

Herb Is Here

I always set my posts up the same. I upload the photos. I put them in "center," then I add my text. At work, I paste the text, then add the photos in later. I wanted to try something different tonight. I tried putting the photos in on the "left" and this is what I ended up with. It looks like a big ol' mess to me.
Anyway, to the left is my Sage. I've had this Sage plant for a few years. It got really big this year. Currently, it's gone a bit woody. I don't use a lot of Sage, but I love the way it looks, the silvery green leaves are lovely. Just to the right of the Sage, in the very same pot is a minature Lemon Tree. Last year I got 4 lemons off of it. That is 3 more than I ever had on it in years before.
To the left of this is what is left of my Oregano. I think that there's a little mint in there, too. The Flat Leaf Parsley made it through, as well. I like that stuff, it's pretty, but I so rarely use it.
The Oregano and Mint both go nuts, just trail all over the place. There's a pansy behind it. I put the pansy in a tree start that Mom gave me. I'll grow the tree, but it's so plain right now. I wanted the pansy to fancy things up a bit.

I put up these little Basil starts. I used the heck out of the Basil. I like to make pizza and Pesto with Walnuts, so having Basil of my own saves time and money.
I got an email from a company today that does these redwood planter frames. They were so cool. There's one that is 8x8 and one that is for "city dwellers" and it's 4x4. They asked if I wanted to "sample" it. I'm not sure what they mean. Do they want to ship me part of it? Or to try it and send it back? Or are they going to send me a kit, because, honestly it's a pretty awesome kit. I would love to see that kit out on the patio. It would look pretty and I could grow some actual vegetables in there.
Well, I'm off to bed. I'm reading the book, "He's Just Not That Into You," and I find it incredibly liberating. So, he just wasn't that into me. So what. Maybe the next one will be.


Homemom3 said...

I've been doing this over at my blog now too. I think this post would've looked great if you put the second picture to the right. Balances it out more. :) I love your garden posts.

Anonymous said...

How do you sample a planter? Interesting offer....