Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pop Culture, I'm Kinda Over You

I've been working out in the backyard all week. John has the dogs down South, which means I can shovel .... errr stuff and straw without getting jumped on. I've also planted some seasonal color (fancy way of saying "pansies") and John's mom, Pat, gave me some plants out of her lovely garden, too. Mom used to do that, too. I'd love to put something of Mom's out there, as well.

Today, snow showers were in the forecast. I am happy to say that I've seen nothing of them so far. WooHoo! There is, however, a bit of a chilly wind blowing in the front yard. The back yard is warm... and smokey, because I've been burning straw(and stuff) out there all day.

I keep hearing or seeing the word "winning."  I know it's a reference to Charlie Sheen, because 1) people mention him in the "winning" comment, and 2) I saw a bit of his disturbing interview. Pop culture, it's something I've been interested in for years, but not so much anymore. It's not that I've lost interest, but my interest has changed focus. If it has nothing to do with my family or my work, then chances are I don't know anything about it. I don't get the paper regularly, I don't watch the news, I don't watch TV at all. Neither does my husband and I'm fairly certain any "winning" comments would produce barely a hmm in his mind. If it doesn't have anything to do with family, friends, gardening, hunting or hounds, he's not interested. If it does then he's all ears or eyes.

I love that about him. When we first started dating, the Kardashians came up for some reason. He honestly has no idea who they are. He's probably seen their pictures on magazines as he stands in line at the market, but other than thinking, hmm pretty girl, they do not in any way capture his attention. They have nothing to do with his life or anything that touches his life.

I talked to him this morning and he mentioned having to go in the water last night after a couple of the hounds when they were hunting raccoons down at his buddy's place. A man who will enter freezing-cold water to save a dog, that's the man I married. :)  Who needs the Kardashians? ;)

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