Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Feeling Very Blessed...

Hello. I haven't been updating regularly as you might have noticed. Here's what I've been up to...

I got married on the 11th of February. So far, so good.

I was talking to my mom about men and what a woman wants and what a woman actually finds when she looks for a man. Prior to re-meeting John, I had a list of what I wanted - my friend and I made the lists up at the same time. I ended up with a man who wasn't list-perfect, but he ended up being perfect for me. I had no idea that I'd love living in a house with a messy floor (okay, not loving the messy floor, but I love the house) or that I'd enjoy hunting so much or sharing my life with 6 dogs.

If I were to make a list that described my husband it would go like this;

*Warm and loving

*Great positive attitude

*Makes me laugh all the time

*Strong and capable

*Adorable freckles and beard (although he's currently beardless)

Now that is a good list. If your list starts out tall, dark, and handsome, then you just might end up with a man whose looks are his best feature. I'd rather have a man whose heart is his best feature, any day. And I think my man is tall and handsome, although he tends toward the ginger side, rather than the dark side.

I've been interviewing for a new job. I love working at the market, it's been a lot of fun and I've got into much better shape, but I need to make more money (as in enough to actually live on). I applied for something online months way back in November and they contacted me out of the blue about 3 weeks ago. It's a good fit for me, working with special needs people, which is something that I miss very much. I'm also qualified for this one, unlike the Insurance job, which I thought I was qualified for until I got into the training. Ouch. That training kicked my butt.... or to be more accurate it kicked my brain.

I've been hiking/jogging with a new friend and we are training for a 5K in April. I really like my new friend - she cracks me up. She and John are related by marriage, so she calls him cuz, which cracks us both up. Now that John and I are married, she's my "cuz," too.

I've started getting to know John's daughter Desiree. She reminds me of Bay and John combined. She is funny like John and when she "talks" (texts or emails) it "sounds" like Bay. She and the girls have talked a bit. I am glad that they are hitting it off. I hope we get to visit with her in person soon.

John's parents came down with us to get married. His mom made us a card with a combination of my photos and Dad-John's (John's dad, also named John) photos on it. It said, "I'll give you two dogs to marry me," which is a text message that John sent me a couple of days before we got married. Inside she mentioned how a good marriage is a combination of true love and best friends. I feel that is very much what we have and I'm so excited about the future. I feel very blessed and lucky.

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Cherie Burbach said...

True love and best friends~! Yes, that is it exactly. I am so happy for you.