Monday, September 27, 2010

Very Good Weekend.... Phew, Finally!

 I had a great weekend.  Sarah and I went up North to visit an old friend and have an adventure. Here are a few pictures. I'll add more later. We went to a hot air Balloon Fair....
Sarah loved it up there. She especially loved my friend's dogs. And my friend. And riding on his 4-wheeler.  She is pretty enthusiastic and open to new things. I love that about her.

I've never been to a balloon fair before. It was beautiful.

 And look what else I got.... a handsome man.  Like I said, it was a good weekend. I hope you had a good one, too!


Cherie Burbach said...

Balloon photos are beautiful. And the guy is cute too!

L said...

You got some beautiful shots! air balloons and a blue can't go wrong! I'm so glad you & S had such a good time! :)

Homemom3 said...

so glad to read about your wonderful flying adventure. It looks like a lot of fun and I can tell by your writing that you enjoyed every minute of it. The balloons are beautiful, now did you actually go up? While I love the looks I think I'd chicken out.

Askew To You said...

Cherie, thank you and I think he's pretty cute, too.
L, thank you and I didn't get anything as good as you did! I am working my through them.
Homemom3, no we didn't go up in them, although Sarah kept saying over and over, I'd like to try that..... :) I was surprised that it seemed so "old school." For example, the baskets are just that - BASKETS. No high-tech anything. They seemed pretty cool, but I think what I'd really like to try would be something like a glider or those things that you hold onto the bar and there's like these kite-wing type things over you... why can't I think of what they are called. Grr.