Friday, September 24, 2010

Diving In & Mermaid Swimming

Today, I wrote out a blog post while in training. It was just after 3 pm, which I've found to be the hour of my saturation point. We take a break at 2:30, go back to class for 3 minutes and suddenly it's like Charlie Brown's teacher is talking at me, "Wannk, wannk, wannk..." I lose my ability to take on any new insurance information.

Anyway, I'd go get it, type it in here, but I'm too tired. Instead, I will share with you my horoscope and if horoscopes are your thing, I suggest you go read yours here.  Rob Brezsney of Free Will Astrology says...

Focus on what's small and slippery, Leo. Turn your gaze away from what's big and obvious. Exult in the salamander on the rock and a friend who has a new trick and the guilty pleasure you just discovered; excuse yourself from obsessing about the state of the economy, the meaning of life, and the clash between science and religion. Your pleasurable duty is to love what's in the midst of changing, and not fixate on trying to make arrangements that will supposedly last forever. Don't just grudgingly attend to the mercurial details; dive in as if playing with them were your central purpose.

Dive in?  Hhmm. I like it. When I was a little girl, my Grandpa Harold had to teach me how to dive every Summer. I'd master it fairly well over the course of the season. A little dive in, then swim like a mermaid to the other side of the pool.  I'd practice over and over - eventually holding my breath all the way across the pool, then I'd do a lap up and back. My dives were pretty good, my mermaid swim better, but I never could execute Grandpa's perfect jack knife.

Then, the weather would turn cold and I'd lose my nerve over the Winter. When the weather warmed back up, I had to re-learn the whole thing again. I think it was fear that kept me from diving. Fear of the belly flop.

Belly flops sting a bit, sure, but I've given birth 3 times and that puts pain into perspective for me. And I'm a really good diver now..........still can't get that jack knife, though.

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Cherie Burbach said...

What a cute picture! Thanks for the link on horoscopes. I'm going to check mine now.