Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change, Creativity, Innovation, Lead the Way

I originally had a post here with some quotes. I felt good about it last night, but today I deleted it. I am feeling very uncomfortable being me, living in my skin, and trying to figure things out. I've had a crisis of faith in myself. I think I might just update with my 365 photos for awhile.


Homemom3 said...

I love those words you have going on now: Fear, new, goals. I think it is something that is more of a push or at least it sounds. Many of us fear we aren't going to reach those goals we have set for us, or if we do we won't have any other goals after that.

New, new things are scary and exciting at the same time. But it is the new that scares us the most since we get so settled in the old.

Growing up I was always called a flip-flopper. At one point I wanted to be a model (heck doesn't every little girl) and later a vet (discovered I hated blood) and finally a lawyer (that was shot down when I was told I'd have to defend 2 years first). I don't consider it a flip-flopper, like you stated it was something that grew in me, an awareness of likes, dislikes and what these things really were.

Maybe the end of something isn't the end at all, but instead the beginning of new and brighter things. what happens when you get to a hallway full of doors, each one has a scary clown behind it. Chances are you won't want to touch that last one, you've been through each one and you know what is behind it. Why chance it? Course what happens if that last one is that handsome man you saw at the grocery store waiting to ask you out? What happens if it is a brand new job, higher pay, etc? Or if it leads to the outside world, away from scary clowns?

I say whatever your friend is dealing with, maybe it isn't hopeless but it only feels that way as she/he hasn't looked at a bigger picture and only what is immediate. Remember things that end end for a reason, to let you start something new.

Askew To You said...

Thank you, Eliza. That was lovely.