Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Weekend That Was Not a Weekend

My good friend, Jackie, and her kids just spent some time with us. Sarah keeps starting to say, "It was a great weekend," but it wasn't a weekend. Felt like it though - a wonderful, fun, beginning of the week break with friends.

While they were here, Jackie and I checked out some apartments. It's possible that they might end up here, in our apartments (crossing my fingers) which would add an extra element of fun to Wednesday night TV viewing with Leah. Leah and Jackie are friends, too, in fact Leah was here last night visiting with us.

Moving is a big thing to think about and I don't envy all the work that is ahead for Jackie's family. We can help them when they get here, with the moving, the unpacking, dinner, whatever they need, but everything that comes before - looking for a new job, a new place, planning, packing, loading - so not fun.
The first day Jackie was here, she was without kids. We grabbed my kids and headed to the creek. Yay. That's the best way to start out a visit. Right? When we got home, I suggested we jump into the pool, so rinse out our creek-y suits. Unfortunately, the pool was housing a big poo, so yuck, we got out and reported it to the manager. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

The creek might be full of fish and mossiness, but it always feels cleaner than the pool to me because the water is moving. And it's prettier.

Well, that's my update. I hope that you enjoyed your holiday weekend and beyond.......

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