Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sure Better Than Monday

Wow, what a day.

Last night I updated at Facebook with something along the lines of this weekend was great, but Monday sucked and I have high hopes for Tuesday. Something like that.....

Anyway, I woke up this morning to a comment that needed to be moderated from Isaiah Mustafa, who is the star of the current (very funny) Old Spice commercials. He made me a personalized video, which I posted earlier today. What a thrill. I love working with that company and their body wash smells darn good, too.

I took a few pictures of my garden and had them printed out to be used in what is now a full art show. Oh well, maybe next time, but here's the thing, I am going to fix them for my mom and I to use in our kitchens. I think they'll look pretty good. I can't wait to show them to her tomorrow.

Here's my 365 photo for today. Now I'm off to hang out with my kids. Night all!


Homemom3 said...

you sound so tickled and happy, I'm glad. As for the picture, I think this would look great hanging in a frame on your kitchen or even dining room wall. I can picture it with a lot of greens and reds. Just my thought, I'm no designer though. :) Very pretty.

Askew To You said...

My mom has a lot of red in her place. I think it would go well in her kitchen. Thanks for the compliment.