Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is For ... Running

Just before I turned 40, I started running. I never thought of myself as a runner before that and when a personal trainer at my health club mentioned trying it, I laughed. No way. I hate running. Then, for some reason that I do not remember, I started running. I would run a minute, walk a minute, run a minute, walk a minute.... I can still remember the first time that I ran an entire mile - I ran downhill in Upper Park, picking my way down through the lava rock. I was thrilled.

I read something in Runner's World about mileage, that if you ran 20 miles a week, you could still eat pretty much normally. I like to eat, so 20 miles became my magic number. I kept this up for more than a year. Then, I started a relationship and I got out of the habit. The relationship was a long distance relationship, but he was in town often enough that I got off track. I gained weight during that time and eventually things fell apart and I gained more weight. I worked so hard to achieve a certain level of fitness (and I did work hard, I've notebooks full of mileage to prove it) and I just threw it away.

I've tried to get it back a few times. I will do well for a week, then something will happen - someone will get sick, I'll get stressed about .....I'll find an excuse. I am not doing that anymore. I will get that fitness back. My health and all the things I want to do in my future depend on it.

This year I've run a 5K with my sister - really a very poor showing on my part, I just could not run long at all. It freaked me out, but a few weeks later, I checked my blood pressure and found out that it as high. Since that time, I've lost a little weight and started building up mileage with walking and now I'm running again. My blood pressure is now on the high end of normal. I am certain that I can get it lower.

I have a new goal, because I do better with a goal, I want to run the City of Gold Triathlon on May 8th. It's a sprint triathlon - 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile ride, and 3 mile run. I ordered a tri suit in an effort to hold myself to the plan. Wish me luck!!


C said...

I started running almost 2 years ago... watched my weight drop at a steady pace, and ultimately leveled out (still would like to drop 10 more lbs.)

There's always and excuse to NOT run, the trick is to always find an excuse to GO for a run.

I find that once I actually get out there, and the first minute goes by... a mild form of nirvana sets in and I try to remind myself to remember that feeling the next time I don't "feel" like going for that run... Most times that helps, sometimes (sigh) it's not enough. But always in the back of my mind there's this little nag that says "go for that run!!"

Good luck in you endeavors, and remember, once a runner always a runner. Always tell yourself that you "are" a runner and not the you "were" a runner...

Another thing that works for me is when I pass by people that see me running? I imagine that they are thinking "good for you!!! keep running!!!" 'cause that's what I think when I see a runner now.

So I'd just like to say "Good for you!!! Keep running!!!"

Best Wishes

Askew To You said...

Thank you! I've got two weeks in with my goals hit, so I am hopeful that means I'm back on track. :) I've been doing a lot more yoga, too, so I feel taller, straighter, more flexible - just better overall.

Good for you, keep running, too!